Teach your child to dream big.

Take your child on an adventure with Cora, a little girl with big dreams and even bigger aspirations as she learns about what makes life meaningful in a world of limitless possibility.

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I'm an author, podcaster, poet, and founder of The KidLit Lab. I'm also the cofounder and executive director of Risen Motherhood. Welcome to my corner of the internet.

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You'll find a lot of of different things here because I'm a big fan of whole-personhood. From poetry to kidlit, to marketing and motherhood, buckle up for the adventure.


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Young readers join Cora, a girl with big dreams and even bigger aspirations, on a journey to discover what makes life truly meaningful.  

A World Wonder

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"I make sure to purchase every book Laura Wifler writes. Her books are so beautiful and true, my kids want to read them again and again!"


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I'm all about it. 

We're all about whole-personhood here, remember? So if you're curious, come check out all the things I love as mom, author, ED of a nonprofit, and entrepreneur. Do these thing have eternal value? Nope. But they sure do help me keep all the plates spinning. Here are all my favorite author-y tools, tchotchkes. and creature comforts. 

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I wrote these for your kids (and mine).

Plus, there are more in the hopper. 

A World Wonder

teach them generosity

Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer

teach them to pray

kendra R.

Laura's books are clear, truthful, and absolutely stunning. She makes me cry every time.


Laura's writing is everything.

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