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I mean, as a children's book author and founder of The KidLit Lab, I kinda have a thing for picture books.

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This is the website platform I use, and I love it's maximum customization without having to learn code or use a developer. You can grab a template (free from them, or check out Tonic!) and build something beautiful in hardly any time. Plus, it has Wordpress integration if you want a blog.

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This is another website platform option for you. If you prefer to set it and forget it, Squarespace is the straightforward solution. Not as customizable as, but still a solid platform. 


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Quite possibly the most beautiful and simple email builder on the market. You'll look more design-savvy than you are, inspiring you to write for daaaaays. 


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This is where you go if you want to level-up your email game. It's what all the pros use to implement in-depth email strategy. If you're tech savvy and like marketing your books, ConvertKit is for you.


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Basic level is free!

Want to make pretty Instagram squares? Pinterest pins? Blog banners? This is Photoshop for the rest of us. Easy-to-use with a drag and drop design format, I use Canva nearly every day. 


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Very few people have time or money to have a constant supply of fresh pics in their marketing, so I turn to Elevae to supplement the professional photos of me and my books. Specifically designed for creatives (like KidLit authors!) Elevae will elevate your look in no time flat. 


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Use "kidlit15" for 15% off!

If you want to publish, then a great website is a must. This is the designer I used for and The KidLit Lab's - template: "Margarita." Their templates are gorgeous and easy to customize. 


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Getting started is free!

Want to start writing frequently but don't want to manage a blog? Substack is a popular platform for publishing blogs and newsletters for writers. It's also a great way to get your work in front of a lot of readers (and other writers)!


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25 percent off your first three months

Teachable is where I host all my courses and it's the perfect one-stop shop to share what you know and get paid for it. 


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Come on over to The KidLit Lab...

Manuscript masterclass

For kids ages 6-17, this is KidLit 101 to help a budding writer learn the basics of writing an incredible children's picture book. 

The Kidlit Story Studio 

Meet with Laura one-on-one for an hour to talk about your picture book, publishing goals, or editing questions. 

1:1 Coaching

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