As a mother to a child with disabilities, I’ve experienced firsthand the questions other children have when it comes to disabilities. But I’ve found that often, children simply need a bit of help to see that a child with disabilities is actually a lot like them—maybe they love candy, birthday parties, or animals, and they want to have fun, have friends or feel included. And when children recognize this, when they see that they have sameness with someone else, there’s a foundation for friendship to be born. 

This is why I wrote Like Me. A children’s picture book that follows a sibling of a child with disabilities as they go through their day, it’s a simple story, but the message is incredibly important. Like Me helps kids recognize that all people have different needs and abilities and are equally loved by God and created in his image. This book will give your child an understanding of a different type of family life—going to therapy, making accommodations—but also help them see many relatable comparisons and ways they are the same. 

My hope for Like Me is children will see what a privilege it is to know another person—no matter their abilities—and realize what a gift it is to be friends. 

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open the door to meaningful talks with your child about empathy, compassion, diversity, and God’s love for them and others.


Who is this book for? 

This book is for everyone—those who have a child or loved one with disabilities, and those who simply want to teach children more about this important topic. 

Anyone who wants to teach children about COMPASSION, INCLUSION, DIVERSITY, & what it means to be made in the image of god.

Here's what your child (and maybe even you!) will learn in this beautifully illustrated storybook

  • What it looks like to have a sibling with disabilities.
  • All people are made Imago Dei, in the image of God.
  • No matter how "other" someone feels we can find a deep, transcendent connection with them.
  • What therapy is and why children with disabilities need it.
  • How children can accommodate and include someone with disabilities. 
  • What to do when you don't understand what someone says or does.

“This lovely book reminds readers young and old that we all share the story of struggle, and because of that, even more deeply, we share the breathtaking reality of hope.” 

Katherine & jay wolf

Authors of Hope Heals and Suffer Strong  

“Beautifully illustrated and charmingly written, Like Me offers an honest glimpse into a day in the life of a child with disabilities. Through this tender and grace-filled story, Laura Wifler reminds us to celebrate the uniqueness of all of God’s children—a perfect read for any family wanting to instill empathy and compassion into their children.” 

ashlee gadd

Founder of the Coffee + Crumbs blog and author of The Magic of Motherhood

“Laura has given us something delightful, a wonderful story about a day in the life of two brothers and a tool to help our children understand how we are all different and we are also the same. Like Me will serve all families, churches, and kids as they learn to view children and each other the way God does.” 

Trillia Newbell

 Author of God's Very Good Idea and The Big Wide Welcome 

If you're looking for hope as a parent check out my e-book, "To The Cross I Cling: A Mother's Reflections on Walking Through A Child's Disability Diagnosis."

Do you have a child with disabilities? 

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“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one!'”
- C.S. Lewis


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Laura Wifler is the cofounder and executive director of Risen Motherhood, the cohost of the podcast, and the coauthor of Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments. She also wrote To the Cross I Cling, an e-book reflecting on mothering a child with a disability, and the award-winning children’s book Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer. Laura, her husband, and her three children live in central Iowa. You can find her on Instagram @laurawifler, or at laurawifler.com.