Co-hosts Laura and Emily tackle a common issue in motherhood and discuss it in light of the gospel. Simple and succinct, Risen Motherhood walks moms through the gospel-pattern of Creation, Fall, Redemption, Consummation to help them grow in Bible literacy and thinking. A part of the greater Risen Motherhood ministry, Laura and Emily are known for taking complex theological topics and making them accessible and relatable for a mom’s everyday life. 

A chart-topping podcast, Risen Motherhood has garnered more than ten million downloads, OVER 5,100 five star reviews and has more than 180 episodes in the archives.

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What I wouldn’t have given for a podcast like Risen Motherhood in my early years of mothering! With just the right mix of grace and truth, Laura and Emily remind listeners of the hundred ways that God nurtures and cares for us while we nurture and care for our own children. Risen Motherhood is the perfect companion to those long weary days and sleepless nights, bringing you grace upon God’s good grace.

— Hannah Anderson, Author of "Humble Roots: How Humility Grounds and Nourishes Your Soul"

"God has used this podcast to shift my thinking of motherhood from "just getting through the day," to "this is eternal work I'm doing." Seriously, I would recommend this podcast to all mommas out there who need Christ-centered reminders that our work is not in vain, we are impacting our children (even in the small things) for the Kingdom of God!"

- itunes listener review

"Emily and Laura are real-life mamas who come just as they are. They speak from their heart and their greatest desire is to glorify Jesus above all else! Through their words, wisdom, and guest speakers I have been greatly encouraged and inspired to disciple my children and live for Christ." 

-Gretchen Saffles, Owner of Well Watered Women

"I began listening with a cynical attitude, expecting 'fluffy girl talk' with a dusting of Christianese. My cynicism turned to pleasant surprise and delight when I realized this podcast is rooted SOIDLY in scripture. Grateful for these ladies' transparency and encouragement in all things motherhood." 

- itunes listener review

"This is my favorite podcast, and the first I recommend to everyone!"

- itunes listener review