Working on a children's book but feeling stuck?

Let's get you unstuck.

Do you have an awesome children's book idea in your head that you can't stop thinking about but don't know how to start? Have you written a draft but feel like it's missing something? Are you ready to publish but don't understand your options?

Wanting to write a children's book is a fun dream, let me help you make it a reality. 

So you've decided you want to write a children's picture book...

but you've hit a wall. Somewhere between the spark of the idea to final print product, you've realized that kidlit is a little deceiving and it's not as simple and straightforward as it looks. Maybe you:

  • Know you have a solid idea, but don't know where to begin. How do you format it? How many words should it be? How should it start? Should you rhyme? Repeat? How do you write a powerful ending?

  • Have a manuscript but you're wondering if it's ready for publication. Writing isn't like math, you don't just do 2+2=4 and know you have the right answer. How do you know what will have a child reading your book again and again? What do publishers' want? How do you know when it's ready? 

  • Are sitting on a goldmine of a manuscript but you don't know how to pitch it to publishers. What do you include in a proposal? How do you get a publishing house's attention? 

  • Are ready to self-publish but you don't know how to find an illustrator or where to get it published. How do you find someone who is talented and interested in your project? How do you navigate a relationship that could make or break your storybook? What are your options for self-publishing besides going to the local Kinkos? 

are any of these you? If so, it's time to book a Kidlit coaching call.

Spots are all full! But don't worry, I'm working on a way that I can meet with even MORE of you to help you with your children's books. Join the waitlist to be the first to hear about what's coming this fall!

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"In Laura Wifler, you will find a rare blend of strategic thinking, creative insight, and straightforward business sense. Laura is a capable guide, walking alongside us as we steward our work and words across the finish line and into the lives of readers." 
- Caroline C.

"Book publishing can feel like a black box sometimes. I may have already published several books, but Laura is someone I call with questions when I'm looking to make my idea a reality. Her industry knowledge and clear thinking combine with her passion for writers and readers, making her an ideal coach. "

-Megan H., published author

I'm here to answer your children's book questions. 

I'm a bestselling, award-winning children's picture book author, and I want to help you. 

Plus, as the Co-founder and Executive Director of Risen Motherhood, I see hundreds of the best children's books each year and I evaluate them to decide what to recommend to the hundreds of thousands of moms in the RM community, and what goes back on the shelf. I love books, and I might just love seeing books come to life even more.

Like you, I want to create true, beautiful, and helpful picture books that children will read again and again. 

I've been writing stories for as long as I can remember. In fact, in first grade, I won my first writing award after I entered my story, "Mackenzie's Dog Goldie" in an AT&T writing contest. I still have the certificate and ribbon. (I'm thinking about putting them up on my office wall.) Since that day, I dreamed of being a children's picture book author, but I never actually thought it would happen. But by God's grace, I got where I am today. Now, I get emails and dm's every week from people just like you who are looking for advice and help at various stages of their author journey, but typically their questions require more than what a quick email or dm can accomplish. So, I'm setting up office hours so you and I can chat face to face about whatever is troubling you.

I've written three children's books: the bestselling, Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer, which was the winner of the Christianity Today's Children and Youth Book of the Year, and a finalist for the ECPA's Children's Book of the Year, Like Me: A Story About Disability and Discovering God's Image In Every Person, and A World Wonder, forthcoming in March 2024.


I know what it's like to wrestle with a manuscript  and wonder if it's good enough for publication. I get what it is to have 4,000 ideas and not know which one to pursue. I understand the search for the perfect illustrator that enhances book's message.  

I'll help you take the guesswork out of making your book idea a reality.

There are a lot of steps to the process of publishing, I'm here to help. 

Ready to book a one-hour brainstorm call for KidLit Coaching?

Stuff we can chat about:

  • Story concept and ideation
  • Editing and refining your manuscript 
  • What Christian publishers are looking for
  • How to tell an interesting story while also sharing a scriptural truth
  • Finding an illustrator and learning how to work with one
  • Publishing options (self-publishing or traditional publishing)
  • How to launch and market your storybook
  • What an agent does and how to find one
  • Author visits to schools and libraries

For one hour, We can talk about all of it or anything else your author heart desires, even if it's just a general overview of the writing or publishing process.

Plus, you can send me up to 1,000 to words to review prior to our call. This can include a picture book manuscript(s), proposal, query, or a synopsis.

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While I won't pretend the actual process of writing a children's book is easy (It isn't! And it's not for everyone!) you shouldn't have to feel lost. 

on our call I'll help you feel equipped and ready for your next step. whether it's self-publishing just for your family to use at home, or a dream of traditionally publishing and seeing your book on store shelves, I can help give you tangible next steps and a direction for your project.


Don't flounder in your book journey for one second more.

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 "Laura's Kidlit Coaching was a great experience for me...she encouraged me in the path that was best for me as a person, not just an author, with a long-term view in mind. I feel much more equipped going forward as a writer with all kinds of resources that will help mold and shape my writing."
-Peyton M.