I started blogging in 2010. Named after the street of my first home, Oakland Avenue, my first blog was where I where I fell in love with the craft of writing and the beauty of interior design. It was the heyday of blogging and I jumped on the bandwagon with all the fever and enthusiasm I could muster. While I don't blog like that anymore, I'm thankful for those days because they led me here. I actually removed all the archives of that blog a year or two ago. (Don't worry, I printed them out and they're in a book now.) But I've found I still need a place to keep the features and writing I have on other sites, so that's what this space is for.

If you'd like to keep up with where I'm at on the internet, this is the place. 

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Hi friends! I am thrilled to be here at Gold & Graphite today. I started following Jill quite a while ago and I immediately fell in love with her kiddos, aesthetic, mad lettering and illustration skills, and of course, above all, her heart for the Lord. I’ll never forget a post she wrote recently on […]

May 6, 2019

A Day In The Life — Laura Wifler

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If you’re like me, with a quick swipe through Instagram, you’re quickly caught up by a well-curated bedroom, a friend’s new home, or the perfect tablescape. As I flip through these images, I sometimes find myself growing discontent with the home God’s given me, and jealous when I can’t afford or create what I think […]

April 17, 2019

“Dear Mama,” — HOME

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Hi friends! My name is Laura Wifler. I’m the co-founder and Executive Director of Risen Motherhood, a nonprofit ministry that brings gospel-hope to moms. I’m a wife to Mike and momma to three young children, Eli (6), Colette (4), and Eden (21 months) and we live in middle of the cornfields of central Iowa. My days […]

April 13, 2019

a day in HER life – Laura Wifler

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Running a nonprofit ministry geared toward moms of young children means our inbox continually fills with questions about parenting and marriage. One of the most frequent is, “How do you do date night?” As married moms of littles, we understand firsthand where this question is coming from. Like our podcast listeners, we look for reasons […]

February 21, 2019

Don’t Put Your Hope in Date Night

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What are you doing for Sabbath rest?” my sister-in-law asked me. After sharing how overwhelmed I felt in this season of raising young children, I laughed. “Sabbath? I don’t have time for a Sabbath!” I replied. A few minutes later, she told me to open my phone to a Venn diagram. With a few strokes […]

February 19, 2019

Sabbath Rest Is for Busy Moms, Too

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Growing up, my mom and dad had a favorite saying: “Remember who you are!” They said it each day we left for school, when we went to a friend’s house, or when I complained in aisle five that they wouldn’t buy me fudge cookies. It was a loaded phrase that came with layers of meaning: […]

January 21, 2019

Our Longing To Belong